Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

How to cure instetinal worms

Everry organism must life in a health way. Who want to have sick? Noting wanna be sick except they are who don’t have any spirit life. There are a lot of way to have health life. For example we must clean our environment, wash our body twice a day, and everything that have relationship with purity. Don’t forget to do this example if you want to have a good way of health life.

Health is one of destination life.

Every society have desire to have health life. But sometimes we forget it. A small way to have health life is started from a small habit. So, if you haven’t start it, let’s start it now. I’m so worried look many children playing in mud that contains of bacteria. It’s ok, but they always forget to wash their hand before they eat. It’s some reason why they are so easy to get wormy.

Wormy usually attack a children under five years. They are too easy attacked because they always playing in dirty land. They

forget to wash their foot before they sleep, their claw rather sharp (used for germ to live) and playing utter their home without sandal.

Traditional medicine explain us that............................

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